Short for “Protagonist”, Tag is a brave, adventurous, and often times single-minded girl. She wants nothing more than to escape the comic. Most plot events don’t interest her unless she thinks they might aid her quest to escape to the real world.
Likes: Her sword. Realism.
Dislikes: Romance. The Author.








Short for “Antagonist”, Ant is a demon prince of Hell, son of Mephistopheles and Dr. Faustus. His powers are exceedingly strong, but he is easily flustered. He’s very sensitive and easily distracted.
Likes: Romcoms. His cape.
Dislikes: His straight teeth. Getting ignored.








Sound Effect

Sound Effect, or S.E., is Tag’s fuzzy, angelic-faced companion. They don’t talk much, but they do project the occasional onomatopoeiaic phrase. Any action or loud noise that appears in the comic is generally narrated by S.E. Is that helpful? Probably not. Is it cute? That’s a matter of opinion.
Likes: Sunny spots in the grass. Tag.
Dislikes: Getting their feathers wet. Extended periods of silence.






Plot Device


Plot Device, P.D., or P-Diddy, is Ant’s fuzzy, devil-faced companion. The true-blue chaotic neutral of the group, he loves stirring the pot and watching what kind of mayhem ensues.
Likes: New experiences. Action Scenes.
Dislikes: Boredom. Ant’s romcoms.